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Tree Removal Geelong

Wayne Barry’s Tree Services provides Geelong tree removal, cutting, pruning and tree maintenance.

Tree Pruning

The main objective for pruning a tree is to reduce weight in areas that are too dense with growth to reduce the likelihood of a potential failure. Weight reduction and deadwooding an important processes to keep your trees safe by removing branches and sections of the tree that may pose a risk to people or property if they were to fail.

Reasons why pruning is important:

  • Formative pruning: when a tree is young and starting to take shape it is important to take out codominant leaders, thin out and remove any unwanted growth.
  • Pruning of mature trees: when pruning mature trees it is important to keep reduction under 10 percent. Deadwooding and weight reduction are generally all that is needed.
  • Clearance: trimming trees away from structures or service lines.
  • Hedging: the process of straight line cutting trees to form a wall-like screen.
  • Topping trees: trees can be planted to top them, generally the reason being for them to provide a screen but not to grow too tall as to impact Solar Panels, views, gutters etc. It is important to know what species of tree you are having topped as it may have a big impact on certain species’ health.

Tree Removal

Tree felling is the complete removal of your tree, the tree may have become too diseased or unhealthy or may have died completely. Obviously the larger the tree the bigger the job to remove it and this then becomes a job for professionals.

Our team are qualified arborists and with their experience and knowledge can assess what needs to be done to improve the health of your trees or advise if the tree needs to be removed.

Tree felling, stump grinding and removal and disposal of the tree require experience and careful planning so that it can be done safely and efficiently.

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Tree Removal With Limited Access

Here is some of the equipment we use to remove trees with limited access.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an arborist?

An arborist is a professional tree worker with knowledge about horticulture.

Are there different types of arborists?

Yes, there are two different types of arborists.

The first are commercial arborists. This is what we are at Wayne Barry’s Tree Services. We are the hands-on tradesmen of the industry who do the day-to-day tree inspections. We also guide you on hazards and what sort of pruning is required for your tree’s future health. Commercial arborists also specialise in tree removal and stump removal/grinding.

The second is consulting arborists (service not provided). Consulting arborists have a diploma in horticulture and specialise in the theoretical side of the industry, providing arborist reports and disease treatment plans where needed. i.e. some areas require an arborist report prior to the removal of a tree. Also, schools are required to have a detailed report and inspection on all trees with a pruning plan in place.

What does tree removal include?

Our tree removal service includes 3 different options.

Option 1: The first tree removal option includes cutting a tree down and completely removing it from the site including stump grinding.

Option 2: The second tree removal option includes cutting the tree down and leaving the firewood and mulch in a suitable place.

Option 3: The third tree removal option is simply cutting the tree down and leaving it in place. We understand some people don’t require cleanup.

How much is tree removal?

All trees differ in cost depending on where they are situated and what equipment/ level of skill is required to remove the tree. There is no average cost, but for an estimated price you can send through a few photos to get an approximate indication.

Why is tree pruning and maintenance important?

Tree pruning is important for the future of your tree’s health. Tree pruning and removing dead wood (aka dead wooding) helps reduce the tree’s weight and likelihood of failure. Making sure you engage an experienced arborist with the knowledge to properly prune your tree is important for its future health. With some trees’ life expectancy being over 200 years, the pruning done when it is juvenile will have a big effect on its health in later years.

How long does it take to remove a tree?

Unfortunately, there is no set amount of time that it takes to remove a tree. It depends on where it is situated and what level of skill is required to remove it. However, trees generally take 15 minutes up to a couple of days to remove, depending on size and location.

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