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Stump Removal Geelong

We do stump removals and grinding throughout Geelong and the surrounding suburbs.

Stump Removal Service

Stump grinding is the process of removing the tree stump from the ground. It requires specialised machinery and is the final step in tree removal. The stump is ground out of the ground and turned into mulch with a large disk with teeth on it. Most stumps will not grow back after grinding but certain species will, we will recommend poisoning these stumps prior to having them ground out.

We have a range of stump grinders with 25, 45, 90 and 160 horsepower. Our 25-horsepower grinder is 78cm wide and is great for getting into tighter spots where limited access would normally pose a problem. And our big grinders have the capabilities of grinding out big stumps in very short time frames.

Once the stump grinding is complete we backfill the stump mulch into the hole and level it out. Please enquire for any more information on the grinding process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does stump removal include?

Stump removal includes:

1. Grinding the stump out using a stump grinder
2. Mulching the stump
3. Backfilling the hole with mulch from the stump

How much is stump removal?

Stump removal is usually at least $200. Stump removal costs vary depending on your location and stump size. We recommend requesting a quote.

Why is stump removal and stump grinding important?

Stump removal and stump grinding are important for a number of reasons.

These include:
– Preventing certain tree stumps from attracting pests
– Removing old stumps reduces the likelihood of having white ants move in
– It also allows for an area to be reused and planted out again with another tree

How long does it take to remove a stump?

Stump removal can take anywhere from 1 minute to hours. The time it takes to remove depends on stump size and accessibility. We are equipped with 4 different size grinders ranging from 25 horsepower up to 160 horsepower.

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